Follow these 10 simple steps to increase the volume size of the EBS backed EC2 instance.

Let’s first confirm the current configurations -

Step 1: Login to your instance using SSH

Step 2: List all the block devices currently mounted on your machine
sudo lsblk

// this command will show all the mounted volumes of your machine. The EBS Block volume will be shown as the Block Name followed by the partition name
// here, Block Name : xvda and Disk Partition Name is : xvda1
with current size of 8GB.

Step 3: List the current size for filesystem
sudo df…

The blog will cover the whole process of deployment of a flask app on AWS-EC2 using Gunicorn & Nginx in just 7 Steps


Steps to deploy the Flask App on EC2:

1. Install Ngnix

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install nginx

2. Install Python, Pip and Required python packages

sudo apt install python3
sudo apt install python3-pip
pip3 install virtualenv
pip3 install Flask
pip3 install Flask-RESTful
pip3 install gunicorn

3. Create and activate Virtual Environment

python3 -m venv base
source base/bin/activate

4. Create a Guincorn Service

cd /etc/systemd/system
vim gunicorn.service

Paste the following code:

Description=Gunicorn Service

ExecStart=/home/ubuntu/base/bin/gunicorn — workers 3 — error-logfile /home/ubuntu/gunicorn_logs/error_log — bind unix:my_flask_app.sock -m 007 app:app

a. Replace the WorkingDirectory path with your…

This cheat sheet covers all concepts from novice to advanced level

Structured Query Language (SQL) is widely being used as a Relational Database Programming Language almost everywhere from a small project on a school kid to a large enterprise. Hence, achieving mastery in the SQL adds a bonus to your skillset.

Here, I will be discussing some important functions and concepts of SQL which will definitely add a star to your skills.

Date Conversion Functions

Add: function to add some interval to your timestamp column

Syntax: date_add(column_name,interval units value)
where units: Integer value we want to add
value: Minute/Hour/Second/Day/Month/Year
Example: select date_add(current_timestamp,interval 330…


Engineer trying have "T" shaped skill set

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